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Otter Creek Studio: Please Read

Please read


At Otter Creek Studio my goal is to provide independent musicians a relaxed recording environment that is economical and provides high quality capturing of musical performances in digital format.  Of course many musicians are recording their music in their own home, but frankly it’s not that easy to get great results. Quality results comes from know how, doing it over and over, having a studio that is fully equipped to meet your needs and someone at the controls who cares about your music.

If you are interested to just come by and do a quick recording so you can evaluate whether or not my set up will fit your needs, just let me know. I think it would be worth your while. And if you decide it's just not going to work, no harm done. This also gives me a chance to evaluate whether or not I think I can do your music recording justice.

I work out of my home, nothing fancy whatsoever. I'm set up in a small upstairs room. I am well equipped with professional technology, years of experience and a good ‘track’ record. I am also able to provide on site recordings.

For a sample of my work I encourage you to visit   and listen to some of David Kraus' tracks from his CD "Between Silence".  These were recorded over 2 years at my studio. This CD won critical awards and reviews. I think the ambiance of a "bedroom studio" provided a nice warmth to his music. And that's basically my goal. You can also visit the Music page at

My rate is $35/hour.  I strongly recommend that recording sessions are limited to no more than 4 hours.  I work primarily Tuesday and Thursday evenings and either a Saturday or Sunday morning or late afternoon. For on site recordings there is an additional $25 feel per minimum 4 hour session.

Keep in mind there is quite a bit that happens after you leave the studio on my end. This includes backing up your material so I always have an extra copy in case of some disaster occurring! And there is the time to edit and provide you mixes that we will bounce back and forth for feedback and getting it to sound as close to your expectation as possible. And then in the end there is the mastering process to be sure there is good consistency of sound quality between your tunes and that volumes flow evenly from one tune to the next.

To gauge the cost of your project, here is a simple formula that I use to provide a rough estimate: (Number of tracks) X (6 hours) X ($35/h). The 6 hours includes the time you took to record an individual song/tune and the time I spend editing and mixing each of those recording sessions.

If desired, I am also able to provide you CD art work design for your package and submit for printing and packaging.  What works best is if you supply photos/drawings/logos, text and maybe an idea of how you envision it looking. Then I put it together for you. I use Corel Art for this work which is a professional grade arts program that is acceptable for submission by most major CD manufactures. My rate for artwork development is $25/hour in addition to the formula above.

I utilize “National Media Services” or “Discmakers” for CD printing and manufacturing services. Both provide reasonable rates and packaging options for independent musicians and allow for volumes of 1 to a million. Check them out here:

You are responsible for licensing any songs or tunes you do not own! This can run into some money, mostly because of intermediary fees. You can accomplish this through “Limelight” which is posted as a link on the Otter Creek Studio web site or through Harry Fox which is searchable on the Web, or by contacting the author of the song/track directly. I encourage you to record your own songs/tunes or those that are considered traditional or in the public domain. This is your responsibility not mine!  And you are responsible for a great performance and I am responsible for capturing it. And if you get a flat tire, hey I’ll get out my jack and see what I can do!

One last thing, recording projects often seem to take longer than originally expected! Mostly this has to do with everyone's schedules and commitments. What keeps it moving is good communication and feedback at every step.  


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