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Otter Creek Studio: Otter Creek Artists

Otter Creek Studio recording artists include:

  • Wind that Shakes the Barley,
  • Blackbird,
  • Shanty Bob and the Chorus of Men,
  • David Kraus,
  • Sophie Wood Trio
  • Jack Harrington and Potluck,
  • Skidder Road,
  • Woodchucks' Revenge,
  • Tin Penny,
  • Brian DeMarco,
  • Bobby Skowronski and the Diddymo Blues Band,
  • Skellig,
  • Otis Munroe,
  • Desmond and the Eggbenders,
  • Rob Roche and the Galactic Hobos
  • Alea Valente
  • Kris & Peter Cady

                    Bob DeMarco: Producer, Engineer